Thoroughly researched and competently written Tall Timber: Brown Paper and Porridge is a vivid recreation of the way things were during the Great Depression and War Years – as seen through the eyes of a child.

Born on 10th January 1933 at Nannup Hospital in south Western Australia during the Depression, Bob spent the first eight years of his life living in small mill towns in the south west, before his family moved to suburban Carlisle, in 1941. His recollections of an adventurous childhood and teenage experiences provide priceless snapshots of practices and places now lost in the passage of time.

More than just a good read it is a book readers will return to many times and become a valuable source for researchers and others who would like to learn more about their early history.

Tall Timber


Tall Timber: Brown Paper and Porridge

“His (Bob Primrose) childhood offered a world unknown by today’s young ones, but they would do well to discover how people of his age lived. Readers of a certain age will enjoy reminiscing through this recreation of the way things were more than half a century ago.”

Bruce Devenish
History West

“Tall Timber retrieves an era of our history that is still within living memory but which has evaporated from daily life. Read all about it in this gem of a memoir.”

Rod Moran
The West Australian

“These childhood memoirs offer a portrait of a Scottish immigrant family and wide-ranging glimpses of another era, vividly depicting schooling, home life, troubles and triumphs during the 1930s and 1940s against a backdrop of rapid social and technological change. Some Primrose ancestors add unexpected interest, such as the mariner and explorer Captain Charles Watson and the author’s grandmother, the respected midwife Nurse Edith Gibbs, who became well-known in and around Fremantle as Nurse Bentley (her then married name).”

Peter Conole
Western Ancestory