For almost 17 of his 36-year service as a member of the W.A. Police, Robert (Bob) Primrose worked in the outback; the country and suburban Perth – mostly alone, as others of his time usually did.

If you want to read about corrupt police; gory murders; or clever detectives solving unsolvable crimes then look elsewhere. This thought provoking anthology is about the humane side of policing. It provides readers with true life examples of some of the many challenges first response police deal with daily on the frontline of the service. It is about discipline and responsibility; integrity and compassion; about keeping things in perspective. In short (to use a police parlance) about an officer “just doing his job” with the resources available to him.

Bob’s memoir, Frontline Policing: On the beat and in the Bush (with Mister Bob), is a mainly light-hearted account of how life can be for a young policeman, “just doing his job” in (at times) difficult and dangerous conditions; walking the fine line between being a good community member whilst upholding his responsibilities as a serving police officer.

Frontline Policing


Frontline Policing: On the Beat and in the Bush (with Mister Bob)

“This book gives us a rich and astoundingly accurate account of frontline policing. While policing today is more complex, and the gathering and presentation of evidence far more technical, ‘first response’ or frontline policing has changed little.”

Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan
Western Australian Commissioner of Police

“This autobiographical presentation, with it’s competent writing style, convincingly portrays the dedication, integrity and details of rustic life in this isolated town. This book (Mister Bob) is thoroughly readable and has its place in the local history of our recent past.”

Bruce Devenish
Royal Western Australian Historical Society

“Your books are a wonderful record of a profession and areas of Western Australia that are not often found in print.”

Comment by staff
Battye Library of Western Australian History

“Bob writes very vividly and comes across as a humane, honest, tenacious and incorruptible Police Officer.”

Keith H. Hogg
Ret. Chief Stipendiary Magistrate WA

“I congratulate Bob for putting his reminiscences down… This is a book (Mister Bob) which ought to be on the bookshelves of all Western Australians who are interested in the issues of where we have come from and planning where we might go.”

Peter Downing
S.C. (Premier of Western Australia 1988 – 1990)

“Simply written and at times surprisingly frank in exposing both the strengths  and shortcoming of the Police Force, On the Beat and in the Bush carries the reader from one absorbing anecdote to another.”

George Spencer
Lifestyle Today, The West Australian