Francene the Frog and her friends in the outback is a fascinating blend of fact and fantasy – accurate biology enhanced with a sprinkle of “make believe”.

An educational adventure, Francene’s story is designed to introduce readers (of all ages) to the wonderous world of some of our lesser known wildlife and the harsh realities of life they must cope with daily.

Francene the Frog


Francene the Frog and Her Friends in the Outback

“…we feel confident that the story, and its values have much merit as both a tool for educating children about the importance of native wildlife conservation, but also the interdependence of species on each other… serves to educate, engage and inspire young people about our natural world… The Zoo would be a terrific location for the book launch (or similar) in the future.”

Julie Anne Smith
Manager – Discovery and Learning, Perth Zoo

“… Bob’s enthusiasm for mixing a good story with accurate biology shone through. This manuscript has the opportunity for some great imagery in print or in film, to introduce both young and old to an array of Australian animals and to emphasize the harsh realities of life for most animals and the uncertainty they face daily”.

J Dale Roberts
Winthrop Professor, School of animal biology, University of WA

“What a delight… a warm, engaging and informative story… our centre supports the publication of quality books about the natural habitat and yours is certainly ‘quality’. In its present form it could be published as an illustrated novella… it should find a firm market as it will appeal to families as well as educators. I am very proud to support the publication.”

Leslie Reece
Director the Literature Centre, Fremantle WA

“The storyline is entertaining, informative, and importantly reveals the wonderment of nature to a broad readership, especially children, in a very innovative fashion. It is a story that has to be shared!”

Brad Maryan
Wildlife Consultant