Bob Primrose

Bob (Robert Burns) Primrose was born at Nannup, Western Australia, in 1933. At age 14 years, he left school to commence a trade apprenticeship. In 1952, after completing National Service Military training, he joined the West Australian Police Force and served in a number of metropolitan, country and specialised postings, before retiring in April 1988, at the rank of Superintendent.

In 1996, Bob began writing in the non-fiction genre as a hobby and has since become a successful researcher and writer. He has also established status as a sought-after motivational speaker.

Mister Bob [Access Press 1996] and On the Beat and in the Bush [Access Press 1998] Bob’s first two commercially published books – detailing some of his early experiences as a front-line police officer – were Both were a sell-out success.. In 2006, he expanded and combined these “out of print” memoirs and published Frontline Policing: On the Beat and in the Bush with Mister Bob.

In 2010 he produced a precursor to Frontline;Tall Timber, Brown Paper and Porridge – an early-childhood  memoir; vividly recreating the way things were during the Great Depression and War years; as seen through the eyes of a child.

Circa 2002 (after attending an open day at the Western Australian Museum), Bob’s interests turned to wildlife conservation, and he chose to research the hazardous life journey of a small arid zone frog; a female of the burrowing Shoemaker species. The result – Francene the Frog and her Friends in the Outback, – (his first venture in writing for children) was sponsored by Mount Gibson Iron and published by the Western Australian Museum in 2014. Francene’s story is a carefully woven blend of fact and fantasy designed to appeal not only to children, but also a wider range of readers interested in learning more about some of our lesser known wildlife species and the harsh realities of life they must cope with daily.

Bob’s easy-reading writing style and his attention to detail makes for informative and entertaining reading. Research papers he has written have been accepted for inclusion in the Battye Library of Western Australian History, and some of his feature stories on travel and health have been published in national newspapers and magazines.